Our services


DECADE services offer is directed to Small and Mid-Cap Companies with a top management looking for consulting and implementation support, hence benefiting from our advanced vision, experience and implementation success.

We know that, these days, it is essential—although difficult—for a small- or medium-sized enterprise to design its Online Commerce project, define its roadmap, and acquire the skills needed to implement, deploy, support, and grow its online business.

That’s why we offer building a strategic partnership that you can rely on, for the long term, to develop your online business with the required level of mastery and agility. That includes starting with an in-depth mutual discovery phase and striving for the first few successful experiences.

The trusted relationships and mutual understanding that develop over time between our teams, both at the top management and operations level, guarantee the shared success that our clients testify.


The mastery and success of your online business project is based on the relevance of its initial positioning and design. All successful implementations start with an identification of the challenges, a consensus among the stakeholders, and a definition of the strategic orientations.

Our methodology requires that the specific challenges of your project be fully clarified, stated, and shared, in order to determine the right strategy for meeting those challenges. These are the foundations on which we can ensure that implementations are well managed.

Similarly, when it comes to designing or redesigning your online store, we always start with your business model, your culture, and your development project to lay out its groundwork, define its architecture, and design the experience that you will provide to your customers and all the involved stakeholders.

During this crucial stage, we mobilize the required skills and resources, from creative designers to technical and functional architects, so that we have all the specifications needed to proceed with the implementation according to a well-established roadmap.


Online commerce project management and implementation is a specialization that requires experience and know-how that few service companies fully own. As we are dedicated to your specific business and operations, you can rely on DECADE as a specialized company.

For more than 15 years, DECADE has specialized in e-commerce with a focus on the operational implementation of its clients’ projects.

When we bring our expertise and know-how to lead the project and provide the majority of production, including IT, we also set up a governance in which you fully exercise your role of project owner and involve all the stakeholders in the dynamics and the effective implementation of the project.

DECADE’s senior business managers are your end-to-end contact point. They ensure your project’s success based on the challenges, objectives, and strategy we’ve identified, with the help of seasoned delivery managers and tailored teams.

The success of your project and our services is assessed on the basis of the operational results that are achieved, as well as the empowerment and trust that you acquire thereafter.


For DECADE, your online commerce site is more than just the software components that must be put into production. More than anything, it is a business platform that must be deployed and run in your market ('Go To Market').

Likewise, your online commerce project does not stop with the first online launch. From a business operational standpoint, it is just the beginning.

Depending on your model, your business platform may have to be deployed on several sites, several countries, in several languages, with common parts, and also with local, cultural, and operational specifics.

Here again, we are by your side, following our implementation services, to help you plan, organize, and carry out all these operational activities in collaboration with all your teams and partners.

Also, we ensure for you the development and technical integration, which requires highly specialized skills within dedicated teams, essential for maintaining and improving your site based on your goals, growth, and results.