DECADE's insight and innovative vision for Online Business are the result of years of experience and ongoing R&D. Our lead is based on our knowledge of commerce and its foundations.

For more than 20 years, e-commerce has been dominated by a standard model based on automated retail. But now it’s time to rediscover the variety of business models and the uniqueness of each company in order to design and deploy original, coherent, and effective online growth trajectories.

Online commerce is no longer just a new sales channel, as it was at the beginning, more or less complementary or even competing with your physical sales outlets and your traditional sales forces.

Beyond multichannel and omnichannel, your online business site is now central and global. Your online commerce project is a business development project, serving an experience you offer, to reach and retain your target communities of customers.

At DECADE, we design your online commerce site as an activity space, a relational space, integrating and enhancing your physical sites, where the various stakeholders can meet and interact, including your customers who are much more than mere consumers.


At DECADE, we have a deep-founded service philosophy that gives meaning and value to everything we do. We strive to address your specific situation and challenges rather than selling you standard models and solutions.

More than ever in this post-Covid world, you are faced with crucial choices regarding the direction and investment in your online business projects. Our experience can help you taking ownership of your challenges.

When everything may feel new, unstable, complicated, too technological, and constantly evolving, we are here to help you along a controlled growth trajectory.

Initially we are an IT service company, which means that we have very large technical and functional skills and know-how, unparalleled in France, for creating high-performing online commerce sites.

We bring these skills and know-how to you while helping you develop your control and autonomy, while always starting by a focus on your business development, not technical solutions.


The “DECADE Method” is the innovative approach and process we use to support the development of your online business,in the long term, along your specific success path.

We have developed a methodology and a collective know-how that allows DECADE’s business managers and their teams to deal, in that regard, with all the customer situations and projects we are involved in.

Wherever our partnership starts, we always begin by learning about your history, your values, and the unique potential of your company and your online business project.

On this basis and depending on where you stand with your online commerce development, we make sure that your first experience is successful so that we can identify your specific control and success factors and allow you to project your company over the longer term.

When developing your original model, we are at your side to help you define your roadmap and share our extensive experience and skills.

And if, like some of our clients, you become an online commerce success in your sector, we will always be there to help you meet your new challenges.

We share, with you and with all our clients, the same path of success.