why join DECADE?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of us and read through our site: our services, our advantage, and everything that makes us the right company for our clients’ online commerce projects.

On this site, we aim to introduce ourselves to our customers and prospects, as well as our employees and future employees.

If DECADE’s original positioning and development project speak to you, if our positions and values match your professional and personal aspirations, and if, like we do, you think that online commerce is a particularly promising sector full of opportunities in a post-Covid world, then DECADE can be the next company you should work for.

To master the growth of our business with our current customers and to serve new customers, at a time when everything is changing faster than ever, we must constantly expand our teams, enrich and broaden the scope of our skills.

If you are motivated by our project and interested in our business, please take a look at our areas of expertise and our current job opportunities. We look forward to receiving your application and having a conversation with you about the career opportunities available. Also, feel free to pass along our job postings to people in your network.

'Project governance' practice

'Project governance' practice

The project governance practice brings together the skills and knowledge of the projects and services that DECADE provides its clients.

At DECADE, project governance falls within the framework of our “Business Management” methodology supervised by our senior business managers. It does cover six dimensions :

  • Project Leadership
  • Human relations dynamics
  • Communication
  • Strategic guidance
  • Monitoring
  • Supervision of operations and production


The design practice brings together all the skills and knowledge that contribute to the design of our clients’ online commerce websites.

Our methodology allows us to start all of our clients’ projects with an in-depth analysis of the situation, the company, and its specific challenges in order to build a relevant and coherent strategy, both culturally and from an operational and economic perspective.

Based on these analyses and this strategy, we design the online commerce website and the development methods for a truly original customer experience.

DECADE’s design practice brings together the various skills required, from the designers of commerce site to the technical and functional architects, including designers, scenographers, human centered design specialists, and functional analysts.



This practice brings together all the skills and knowledge that contribute to the realization of the technical solutions that are integrated into our clients’ online commerce websites.

Our positioning as an online commerce specialist and our approach to projects centered on the specific challenges and contexts of our clients leads us to master a wide variety of environments and technical know-how. Moreover, at a time when everything changes very quickly, we are constantly on permanent watch to advise our customers and explore the possibilities that the appropriate use of new technological solutions brings every day.

DECADE’s technology practice includes technical project managers, technical experts and architects, technical experts, developers, and people with specialized skills that allow us to create and develop a wide variety of online marketplaces.